Federal Relations

The University of Pittsburgh Office of Federal Relations represents the University of Pittsburgh in Washington, D.C. Federal Relations maintains relationships with federal legislators and their staff, administrative agency personnel, and other departments within the executive branch. The office provides these individuals and agencies with meeting opportunities and information about the personnel, programs, and accomplishments of the University and promotes Pitt perspectives and projects with members of Congress.

Federal Relations monitors and evaluates legislation and regulations to determine any potential impact on the University of Pittsburgh and provides information to faculty, staff, and programs potentially affected by these actions. The office develops and implements the federal advocacy strategy of the University and communicates input from faculty and staff to legislators and administrative agencies.

Through advocacy efforts, Federal Relations supports appropriations for federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, which provide research funding for Pitt faculty. Federal Relations serves as the institutional point of contact for public officials and the University on matters relating to the federal government.